Paws-Men (2018)

United States of America

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Genre: Drama,

Actors: Bob Lam, Charlie On, Tats Lau, Lam Yiu-Sing, Lai-wun Chan,

Directors: Amen Au Cheuk-man


Duration: 97 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 2018-10-11

Countries: United States of America

From funny to warm & touching… A smile with tears story of a group of unsung dog rescue heroes The charitable film takes the "Paws-Men" as the backbone of the dynamic organization, bringing out the message of respect for the spirit of life and the love of animals, that hopes to raise public awareness of animal rights and interests. The movie is divided into four chapters, each chapter with a famous actor as the leading character. The Paws-Men are Tat Yan, Charlie, Seal, and Keith. When a dog is in need of rescue, the Paws-Men assemble to save the dog immediately like Batman. “Paws-Men” tells the story of rescuing dogs, in which Paws-Men encounter many difficulties, such as a dog eatery, bullies and a dog abusing granny. Yet Paws-Men witness true friendships between dogs and humans. This film makes us realize: Saving dogs is not hard. People are the real problem.