Golden Job (2018)

Hong Kong

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The 2018 Hong Kong movie "Golden Job" (aka "Huang jin xiong di") from director Kar Lok Chin is definitely a trip down to the glorious 1990s, where the Hong Kong cinema was flooded with an abundance of action movies that were not so heavy on the script and storyline but crammed with an orgy of action, shooting and car chases. "Golden Job" stars a handful of well-established and famous actors in the Hong Kong cinema. So it was definitely a nice treat to sit down and watch the movie, for a long-time fan of the Hong Kong cinema such as myself. The cast list includes the likes of Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Kar Lok Chin, Michael Tse and of course Eric Tsang. The storyline in "Golden Job" was entertaining for what it was, but don't expect this to be an intricate plot of twists and surprises. It was pretty straightforward, but also predictable and simplistic. But it worked out well in the charm of the feel of the golden age of Hong Kong action cinema. The action sequences were nicely choreographed and executed, and they did carry the movie a long way. But needless to say that the collective acting efforts of the established cast also did its share to bring enjoyment to the movie. All in all, "Golden Job" is an entertaining and enjoyable action movie, definitely watchable for what it was. I am rating the movie six out of ten stars. However, this is hardly a movie that warrants more than just a single viewing, because the storyline doesn't really have that much contents to offer - let's just be honest about that. If you are a fan of the Hong Kong cinema, then you should take the time to sit down and watch "Golden Job". However, if you are new to the Hong Kong cinema, then there are far better movies to sit down and watch.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime,

Actors: Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan, Michael Tse, Chin Ka-Lok, Jerry Lamb,

Directors: Chin Ka-Lok

Production: Art Top Movie Productions, Jing's Production

Duration: 100 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 2018-09-20

Countries: Hong Kong

A group of former mercenaries reunite to plan an epic heist: boosting a truck full of medicine held by a foreign intelligence agency to supply a refugee camp in need. But when they find the truck is actually filled with stolen gold, the band of brothers realize they’ve been double-crossed by one of their own - and putting the situation right will be all out war.