You Can\\u0027t Watch This


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Though i've been vaguely sympathetic to conservative media figures who are emphatically denounced to demonized by many on the left, this documentary centers the personal experiences and humanity of censored righties and brings into stark light the threat it has on the radical freedom of speech at the heart of the united states I don't agree with everything these people say, and may be outraged by it, but they have the right to speak and shouldn't be blamed for how others react to them. Though this documentary isn't the full story of these figures and the free speech battles, hopefully this documentary can help change someone's mind about who exactly we are fighting

Genre: undefined, Drama,

Actors: Alex Jones, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, Tommy Robinson,

Directors: George Llewelyn-John, grandtheftanto-4-676944, The definition of propaganda and not a real documentary,

Production: undefined

Duration: 51 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 15 May 2019

Countries: UK

You Can't Watch This follows the lives of five high profile conservatives and political dissidents banished from the online world. After introducing each character, the movie recounts how each person came to lose their access to social media and the affect it had on them. With their stories told, each person goes on to discuss the broader issues raised by their deplatforming. Gavin McInnes talks about the necessity for social media for journalists, Laura Loomer describes how there is a war for information - and for access to it. Tommy Robinson questions the morality of mainstream politicians lobbying social media platforms to stop those looking for certain accounts gaining access to them before Paul Joseph Watson explains how the impacts of social media politics are spilling over to affect apolitical creators like Shane Dawson or James Charles. The movie ends asking the question, what form will social media take in ten years time - and how much of a monopoly will it hold on all of our...