Jurassic Predator (2018)

United States of America

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The characters make some seriously dumb decisions in this film. the army guys try to tackle a giant t-rex with normal rifles and it takes the entire film for them to work out they should call in back up and blow the thing up! the soldiers are also incompetent and one of them even shoots another one by accident! but putting aside the frustrations from stupid characters doing stupid things I found the film hard to dislike because it tried to be funny and for a lot of the time it did succeed in being entertaining. not a bad effort.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller,

Actors: Lee Bane, Richard Dee-Roberts, Jason Homewood, Lee Mark Jones, Derek Nelson,

Directors: Lee Bane

Production: North Bank Entertainment

Duration: 78 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 2018-06-21

Countries: United States of America UK

Scientists working at a government research facility use prehistoric DNA to resurrect a T-Rex who escapes from the lab to terrorize a nearby town.