The Beach Bum (2019)


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So many bad reviews? Heard of an arthouse film? Seen any other movies by Harmony Korine? Enjoy an awesome soundtrack? Enjoy top notch sceneray/directing? Jimmy Buffet or a Snoop fan? With a hillarious script.. the Martin Lawrence dolphins scene is a highlight amongst many.. do urself a favour, if you can watch a movie and not take it so seriously you are in for a treat!! Moondog rocks on!!

Genre: Comedy, undefined,

Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Isla Fisher, Snoop Dogg, Stefania LaVie Owen, Zac Efron,

Directors: Harmony Korine

Production: Anonymous Content, Iconoclast, Riverstone Pictures, Vice Films

Duration: 95 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 2019-03-21

Countries: France Switzerland UK USA

An irreverent comedy about the misadventures of Moondog, a rebellious stoner and lovable rogue who lives large.