Snowbound (1948)

United Kingdom

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Robert Newton was the selling point here but is woefully underused and after recruiting Dennis Price as a spy at the start he disappears for the major part of the running time leaving the lion's share of the screen to journeyman actors like Price and Guy Middleton. Best of the rest is Herbert Lom, the closest in talent to Newton. It's something of a Boy's Own Paper yarn albeit one with a factual premise; with the end of the war clearly inevitable the Nazis began frantically shipping plunder, in the form of priceless art, gold and even cash, either out of Europe altogether or at least well hidden within Europe and, inevitably there are those who know of it and would like to find it. This is your plot and all you need now is a motley crew to do the searching. Apart from the criminal under use of Newton it's not too hard to take.

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller,

Actors: Dennis Price, Stanley Holloway, Marcel Dalio, Guy Middleton, Herbert Lom,

Directors: David MacDonald

Production: Gainsborough Pictures

Duration: 85 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 1948-03-23

Countries: United Kingdom

Good and bad characters are stuck in a ski chalet near buried Nazi gold in the Alps.