Dog Eat Dog


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Dog Eat Dog, its a film about sleazy characters that are trying to get a better life, since the criminal life's they have aren't working out for them, the film never stops being entertaining, its definitely a good film, but many aspects kept it from being really good. The main three actors in the film are great, Nicolas Cage plays a crook who is a film buff, who imagines himself in a Noir film, narrating his internal thoughts in black and white, Willem Dafoe, plays a crazy and irredeemable criminal, who seeks for a better life, but cant get one. Christopher Matthew Cook plays a smart and strong crook who seems to be the most normal out of the three but sometimes he could let his temper get to him, these three characters are not redeemable, they are not good people, they are awful people, something many viewers may find to be a negative. The film starts with a great opening scene, but it isn't consistently good, sometimes it gets a bit sloppy, but even at that it is still entertaining, the story isn't anything new, but it makes it decent enough, its ending may leave you with a bad taste but I think its OK. The films its about thee three characters who are stuck with their lives and cant grow out of them, the film itself doesn't go anywhere because its characters cant go anywhere. Paul Schrader is a really good director, this definitely isn't his best film, but its a very decent one, despite what critics may be telling you, it may be a bit too sleazy for its own good, but its very compelling.

Genre: Action, Thriller,

Actors: Nicolas Cage, Willem Dafoe,

Directors: Paul Schrader, Edward Bunker, Matthew Wilder,

Production: ADME Studios, Blue Budgie Films Limited, Ingenious Media

Duration: 93 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 11 November 2016

Countries: USA

Carved from a lifetime of experience that runs the gamut from incarceration to liberation, Dog Eat Dog is the story of three men who are all out of prison and now have the task of adapting themselves to civilian life. The California three strikes law looms over them, but what the hell, they're going to do it, and they're going to do it their way. Troy, an aloof mastermind, seeks an uncomplicated, clean life but cannot get away from his hatred for the system. Diesel is on the mob's payroll and his interest in his suburban home and his nagging wife is waning. The loose cannon of the trio, Mad Dog, is possessed by true demons within, which lead him from one situation to the next. One more hit, one more jackpot, and they'll all be satisfied. Troy constructs the perfect crime and they pull it off, but in the aftermath, they keep finding the law surrounding them wherever they go.