Pakistan, Norway, USA

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Last year's Waar made headlines everywhere because of the jingoistic message it brought. Dukhtar (Daughter) has so far been quite a mellow affair, partly because of its dealing with the poignant issue of child marriage in Pakistan's rural areas. Shot absolutely beautifully in the North of the country, it is a story about the fierce love of a mother who is not about to give off her young daughter's hand in marriage to settle a tribal dispute. One of the best things about this movie is that it doesn't get monotonous. The director, Afia, does an excellent job in keeping the story fast-paced with a load of twists and turns despite the relatively banal topic of the flick. Acting-wise, I was impressed with all the performances except probably that of Mohib Mirza, the truck driver from Punjab. I think he wasn't the right-fit for the role because he visibly struggles to generate that Punjabi pang expected from him. However, this shouldn't be a hindrance in watching the film because the dialog is carried more than aptly by the rest of the cast. The songs are refreshing, which brings me to another good point about the film; they don't last for an eternity and just are fleeting occurrences during scenes to accentuate the emotions. All in all, Dukhtar is easily the best film to come out of Pakistan in 2014. It might not see the commercial success of Waar but it's story is infinitely better. A must see.

Genre: Drama, Thriller,


Directors: Afia Nathaniel, Afia Nathaniel,

Production: Zambeel Films, The Crew Films, Indie Film as

Duration: 93 Menit

Quality: 360p

Release Date: 18 September 2014

Countries: Pakistan Norway USA

Two family clans (here just called A and B) who had a long history of hostility agreed to bury their hostility. One central point of the agreement is that the youngest girl of A (who has not really a trustworthy young male escape. After some time they feel (correctly) that their present hiding place is not safe enough, and they make a second reached puberty) will marry the oldest man of B. The girl, her mother and escape. Here they are safe and this place is never found out. But in a town there will be a large festival. In view of the many years mother and daughter had lived without fear they take the chance and go to this town. But the B clan had expected that.